Art Collectors are often not aware that they can actually have a sculpture created specifically for them. True, there are artists who do not undertake commissioned works claiming that, having to please a client, impinges on their creativity.
I am certainly not one of them. In fact, I enjoy the challenges of working within defined perimeters, integrating the client's personal wishes or a designer's aesthetic input into the creative process.
For example, I met Mr. Estrada, a serious jade collector, a couple of years ago at the Big Sur Jade Festival. I was showing The Way of Oneness and a roughed out Ohnaa that, he indicated, he would have liked to see finished. We stayed in touch, and had lunch together next time I was So.CA. I showed him the Art catalog of my sculptures, and upon seeing the picture of Baby Buddha, he got the idea of commissioning a portrait of his grandson Nicholas in jade, to be placed on a polished Polar nephrite base he had purchased years earlier.
The result: Child of Heaven, collection of Mr. & Mrs. Rudolf I. Estrada.

So allow your imagination to soar like a hawk, and let it bring you visions of beautiful Jade creations to enrich your life and carry your soul to new depths.