Since you are reading this page, I will assume you are at least mildly interested to find out who I am. I grew up in an era and place where the creation in any artistic endeavor was expected to speak for itself and its creator. And although 'speaking' about the work and the artist had became more the norm, I still believe that if you are able to perceive an artwork in an unconditioned state of presence, you will KNOW more of the true identity of the artist, than words can ever convey.

But if you absolutely want to know the facts, here they are: in this lifetime I was born Hungarian in Transylvania, to parents of Austrian/Jewish/Armenian/Hungarian descent. I studied engineering/design for 2 years in University, before I escaped communism to find freedom and pursue my passion for sculpture. I lived in a refugee camp in Italy for 7 months before immigrating to Sweden. After two and half years there, I moved to Canada where I became a sculptor, designer, photographer and home builder. I relocated to Northern California in 2001 and live and work on a peaceful and secluded 10 acres in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Craft, architecture, design and sculpture have been important in many of my past lives, and in a sense I am just continuing to use my accumulated skills to express beauty through the use of form.